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2019 Environmental, Social and Governance Report


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2019 Annual Report


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3 Ways to Help Boost Your Business in 2020

Why every leader needs to make employee experience a top priority


Today’s savvy business leaders are broadening their focus from employee engagement to the more holistic, employee-centered employee experience (EX). EX impacts every part of your business¬¬––your workplace culture, productivity, talent acquisition, turnover––even your bottom line. [. . .]

‘Tis the Season to Capitalize on Low Rates


3 Opportunities to Seize, 4 Steps to Take By Darpan Adhyapak, SVP [. . .]

Retirement Planning in 2020: A Vision beyond the Volatility


By Cheryl Poryanda, SVP, Webster Bank A volatile economy has become the New Normal. The Fed cuts rates for a third time, signaling slower growth. And people are wondering about their retirement plans—and the right moves to make. [. . .]

Cyber Crime Today: Not If, but When


By Laurance A. (Larry) Selnick CTP, SVP, Director, Treasury & Payment Solutions Sales What would you do if a stalker followed you home from work every day for six months? [. . .]

5 Ways to Make Networking Less Work and More Fun


By Deborah Viveiros, VP, Small Business Banker Networking. The very word makes some of us flinch with distaste. Even the most natural extroverts can find networking stressful and forced. [. . .]

Cash Flow Management


This article was previously published by the Hartford Business Journal [. . .]

Food & Beverage Financing Insights


By Abby Parsonnet, Regional President for Metro New York at Webster Bank Ready to move your business forward? As your plans call for financing, we at Webster Bank, with significant expertise in the food and beverage industry, stand ready to help. [. . .]