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Volunteer Recognition Grant Program

Webster bankers volunteer with Habitat for Humanity


Investing in the communities where we live and work is a hallmark of Webster’s history. Our values-driven, community-minded bankers strive to support at-risk populations by working with organizations to bring the greatest impact.

In January 2018, Webster augmented its annual philanthropic budget by $1 million to accelerate its investment in the communities we serve. This acceleration resulted in several new initiatives including the Volunteer Recognition Grant Program.

Webster bankers make a difference in our communities by engaging in volunteer activities that help improve the lives of individuals and families every day. To celebrate this commitment, we created the Volunteer Recognition Grant Program, which allows us to honor our Webster bankers and the organizations they work with. The program encourages all bankers to apply for micro-grants, ranging from $100 to $250, to benefit qualified nonprofits where they volunteer.

Now in its second year, the program has provided over 500 grants to each of the organizations Webster bankers named as important to them in an annual survey, totaling $115,000 being awarded across 12 states and 108 towns.

When Kathleen Kelly, senior vice president, relationship manager, learned that numerous junior and high school children in the Boston area did not have access to essential personal hygiene products, she knew she wanted to support Home and Comfort, an organization committed to ending hygiene insecurity.

“I didn’t realize that hygiene products weren’t covered by food stamps and I thought how awful it must be for a teenager, amidst the bullying that goes on, to not be able to have good hygiene and how that must affect their self-esteem.”

Kathleen’s passion and commitment is just one example of the volunteer work our bankers do in the community.

For more information on our Employee Recognition program and the many ways our banker volunteers give back, please read our blog and visit our In the Community page.