Environmental, Social and Governance

Webster engages in environmentally responsible processes; works to improve lives in our communities and provides an inclusive setting through environmental, social, and governance practices.

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Webster is actively involved in sustaining the long-term health of the communities where we live and work. Every year, we invest millions of dollars in renewable energy and environmentally oriented initiatives. We provide non-profits with funding to promote the arts, as well as business growth. And we participate in countless other measures, using our core values as a guide.


Clean energy loans

We provide commercial loans with companies involved in renewable energy and energy-efficient components,. We loaned nearly $50 million towards these initiatives last year. 


Energy usage and environment

We funded upgrades to municipal water and sewer infrastructures; a mixed-income, transit-oriented development, and multiple remediation projects.


Diversity, Equity and inclusion

We value you for your abilities and individualism

Webster supplier code of conduct

Our partners act in a manner consistent with our values

Summer internship program

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2019 ESG report

We showed ongoing support for renewable energy and energy-efficient solutions; gave over $5 million to nonprofit organizations across our footprint, and demonstrated our belief in the importance of sound and effective corporate governance.

2018 ESG report

Our commitment is not year-to-year but ongoing. In 2018, we undertook and supported numerous initiatives to improve our environment, strengthen our communities and champion transparency, accountability and diversity in our communities.

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