Safety and Security

At Webster, we understand the importance of security. That's why we are dedicated to providing our customers a safe and secure environment for accessing their financial information online.

Our Safety and Security Commitment

If someone unlawfully accesses your consumer and business accounts through WebsterOnline, here's what you can expect from Webster.

How WebsterOnline Protects You

When you use WebsterOnline Banking and Bill Pay, your transactions are safely, securely, and processed correctly.

Identity Theft Resources

These agencies and organizations will help protect you in the instance of stolen identity and fraudulent activity.

Ways to Protect Yourself

To fully protect yourself, check out these tips for protecting your password, PIN, your deposit and savings accounts, as well as protecting yourself at the ATM.

Ways to Spot Fraud

Do you know the difference between phishing and pharming? Can you easily detect fraudulent email? These could be signs that your identity may have been stolen.

Recent Consumer Alerts

Scams... Scams... And more scams. Alerts from consumers notifying various agencies of marketplace scams.