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Lending Insights

How a home equity credit line works

A home equity credit line, often called a HECL or HELOC, is a revolving line of credit that is secured by a lien placed against your home. Often, customers ask how a HECL differs from its sister, the home equity loan. When you get a HECL, you are…

Business Banking Insights

Five steps to close the year strong

The coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses all over the world – some hindered, some helped – but nevertheless affected in some way.

As 2020 winds down, that’s a sobering fact to consider. But it can also provide motivation to conduct a…

Personal Banking Insights

Refinancing considerations in the midst of COVID-19

While we all learn to adjust to the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis , these new conditions call for rethinking budgets and reviewing plans. At Webster, we’ve been connecting with customers and businesses discussing ways to mitigate the financial…

Webster Investments Insights

One tax shift most people miss in retirement

See if you can spot the flaw in this couple's plan:

A husband and wife are retiring next month at age 62, with an equal amount saved in retirement and non-retirement accounts (let's call it $500,000 each).

Like most, over their…

Webster Investments Insights

End of year planning: set goals and reduce taxes

By the last third of the calendar year, you're likely to have a pretty good idea of what your annual income will be and whether any major expenses or big life changes await you. This can allow you to engage in more robust tax planning, creating the…

Webster Investments Insights

Ready to retire? How to know for sure

Retirement is an exciting time for many, and the reward for years of hard work. While there is no set age for retirement, it is important to be prepared before you make the leap, so that you enjoy your retirement and financial stability during it. If…

Webster Investments Insights

Ten things you must know about Medicare

Heading into your retirement years brings a slew of new topics to grapple with, and one of the most maddening may be Medicare. Figuring out when to enroll, what to enroll in and what coverage will be best for you can be daunting. To help you wade…