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5 money rules to live by

Evergreen principles for finding financial balance

It’s not simply a matter of working harder; it’s much more about using your non-financial skills and talents in new ways to bring you prosperity and a greater sense of personal satisfaction. Here…

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Becoming a financially savvy single parent

Raising children without a partner can be challenging—emotionally, physically, and financially. Challenged by the work involved in earning a living and caring for children, single parents can sometimes feel that they may never break the cycle of living…

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3 ways for women to achieve financial independence

For many women, working toward financial independence is more difficult. Obstacles women face include having a longer life expectancy than men which will require more savings for retirement, spending fewer years in the workforce than their male…

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Pre-retirement planning for banking professionals

As retirement becomes more than just a vague future concept, you may begin to feel pressure to develop a more concrete plan for your income, your spending, your asset allocation, and your withdrawal rate. And when you're in the banking industry,…

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Retirement planning for teachers and public school workers

The ability to enjoy a secure retirement is an objective that many teachers and their colleagues pursue years before they leave their jobs. Many public school workers, in different positions, devote their lives to furthering the education of young…

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Countdown to retirement: Strategies for saving in your 50s

Many retirees today are redefining the “golden years.” Forget about endless days of leisure. Retirees seek adventure, travel, and new business pursuits. While these changes may redefine retirement, will retirees be able to finance their plans? Today,…

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Aging parents and money

Getting old is hard. Your parents’ ability to manage their own finances may decline as they age. Helping them with money matters is a sensitive issue you need to approach carefully.

When you hit a certain age of your life, you may realize…