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When's the right time to retire?

Retirement is inevitable, but knowing exactly when to do so is often unclear. No matter when you actually begin your retirement, you’ll benefit from planning your post-work life as early as possible.

According to Gallup, the percentage of…

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Changes to Medicare in 2021: What recipients should know

For many people, turning 65 provides one of the keys to retirement: access to affordable healthcare. Whether you're enrolling in the Medicare program for the first time or have been a Medicare enrollee for years, it's important to stay on top of…

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10 financial fitness tips for home buyers

Thanks to attractive interest rates, you may be considering purchasing a new home or refinancing your existing mortgage. But before you even sit down with a lender, get your financial situation in tip-top shape.

Try these proven tips that can…

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Moving ahead in 2021: Start with a financial check-in

Last year, the pandemic ushered in new challenges for small businesses, forcing some to close temporarily, others to make changes to existing processes, and still others to pivot operations entirely.

No matter what your specific circumstances…

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Maintaining the investment you made in your home

For many Americans, the home is the single biggest purchase made during their lifetime.1 As a result, it's important to do everything possible to keep it in good condition. Even moderate or short-term neglect can be dangerous, as small problems can…