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Cheers to a new year of investing

For many investors, this year has been a wild ride—with interest rate increases, a crypto implosion, and whipsawing values in the major market indices. It might be tough to catch one's breath and look ahead to next year. But the end of the year is the…

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Like ugly holiday sweaters, retirement planning is not 'one size fits all'

Just as every snowflake is unique, so is every person's retirement plan. Though there are some general strategies that can be helpful—contribute at least 10% of your salary; have at least one year's salary saved for retirement by age 30; split…

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Stock market stocking stuffers: How to give stock as a gift

If you struggle to find a gift for the person who has everything—or want to do your holiday shopping without having to leave the house—consider giving stock as a gift. Doing so is easier than you think, and it may offer a few benefits for you as well…

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4 charitable giving strategies to consider

Through charitable giving, you can support causes or organizations you believe in and lock in tax benefits simultaneously. Whether you’re new to charitable giving or a veteran, there are several strategies you should keep in mind. The giving methods…

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A year-end wealth planning guide

As we approach the end of the year, you may want to review areas that may impact your wealth and estate planning next year. In this year-end planning guide, we examine four critical areas to consider that may affect your finances:

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End of year (EOY) deadlines checklist

For many of us, a new year is an opportunity for fresh starts and discovering the best versions of ourselves, but some things—like tax contributions and retirement deadlines—don't change much, if at all. And with that shiny new year right around the…