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Is now a good time for business owners to buy instead of rent?

As a business owner, location can be a key to success. Unless you are working out of your home or garage, you probably didn’t start your business in a building that you own. Most likely, you leased the location.

Renting a building for your…
Lending Insights

Time to remodel? Upgrade your borrowing know-how

Thinking of tapping into the equity in your home for ready cash and tax deductions? Bear in mind: The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act eliminated deductions for mortgage interest on home equity loans—unless you're using the money for

Lending Insights

How the SBA helps doctors achieve business goals

A financial Rx for medical practice growth “We’re modernizing our practice and upgrading our technology.” “We’re acquiring another practice and need to fund the purchase price.” “We want to invest in a health franchise.” “We’re expanding our…

Effective HOA governance for board members

Many volunteer Board of Directors know the challenging responsibilities of managing a condominium/homeowner association. Staying on top of board duties and balancing work and family life can become difficult for some members. This is akin to running a…

Lending Insights

10 financial fitness tips for home buyers in 2020

You may be looking forward to a new home purchase or refinancing your existing mortgage. So being financially fit is more important than ever. Consider this a personal training session, with tips to help you put your best foot forward when approaching…

Business Banking Insights

Ensure a healthy business with cash flow planning

Is your cash flowing through your business like a well-oiled machine? No matter the size of your business, paying attention to your cash flow is a must. Business owners have so many priorities tugging at their time that it can be easy to focus on the…