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Why law firms need a cyber awareness plan today

Consider the cutting-edge intellectual property and privileged client information in your firm’s data files. They’re a prime target for hackers. Nowadays, criminals are especially interested in obtaining personal and financial information that can be…

Lending Insights

Should you refinance your mortgage?

The Mortgage industry is still experiencing a historically low rate environment even though we are in constantly changing economic times. If you are thinking about refinancing, there are some factors to take into consideration:

What's the…
Lending Insights

What you need to know about getting a mortgage

While there is never certainty with regards to when is the best time to enter the housing market, the idea of homeownership continues to resonate with most Americans and the concept of home ownership being central to the American dream remains very…

Personal Banking Insights

Manage your credit health

Like all things in life, your credit also needs regular attention and maintenance. Before you shop for a new car or house, or apply for any new loan, you should know your credit history and your numbers.  Getting a handle on this information ahead…

Lending Insights

Does a jumbo project need a jumbo loan?

Maybe. Just like there’s a tool for every job, there’s a loan for just about every project and size. If you’re about to embark on a jumbo-sized project and need financing, you may need jumbo-sized loan to get the job done.  

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Personal Banking Insights

The real cost of your first car

When my brother handed me the keys to his 1983 Camaro I was so excited and grateful to have a free car.  Little did I know there are many other expenses that come along with being a car owner. 

Here is what my “free” car cost me in the…