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Private Bank Market Update - August 2015


"Cautious not bearish" is how investors should react to the downturn across global markets, according to Yves Cochez, our Chief Investment Strategist. Read his Private Bank Market Update here. [. . .]

Private Bank Market Update - July 2015


How have the major asset classes been performing so far this year? International Equities are outperforming U.S. stocks. Commodity prices rebounded in Q2 but are still down. Hedge Funds are performing at levels we haven’t seen in years. [. . .]

Private Bank Market Commentary - June 2015


For years, investors have sought the safety of healthy returns from a balanced portfolio of equities and bonds. However, the tide is changing and a more challenging environment may affect the near term and longer term performance of traditional balanced portfolios. [. . .]

Private Bank Market Update - May 2015


The risk of Greece defaulting on its debt and exiting the Euro seems higher than ever. Is there a way out? Can a “managed default” prevent the inevitable? Or will the Drachma be making a comeback while making a mess of the nation’s standard of living? [. . .]

Now there's a smarter way to build your own home


It’s called a Construction-to-Permanent Loan. It’s the one loan that can take you through the entire construction process and convert to a permanent loan when your home is completed and you’re ready to move in! [. . .]

Taking the Bus to Full Employment


The April unemployment rate was 5.4 percent and, not surprisingly, I’ve been seeing newspaper articles discussing how close we are to full employment. [. . .]

Financial Milestones: Retirement Planning


Retirement planning is a journey. And the sooner you start, the easier it is. [. . .]

Marathoners: Determined, Disciplined, and Committed


I cannot imagine what my life would be like without running and exercising almost every day of the week. [. . .]

In Appreciation of What Makes Boston Strong


As a lifelong resident of the South Shore of Boston, I have followed the running of Boston Athletic Association Marathon for more than 50 years. [. . .]

Financial Milestones: Buying your first home


Buying your first home can be fun and rewarding. The secret is to learn as much as you can about the process before you get started. The following steps should help. [. . .]


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