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3 Reasons (Besides Earning Interest) Why Your Business Should Have a Savings Account


When most people think about the benefits of saving money, the first thing that comes to mind is the interest – the allure of the “time value of money”. [. . .]

Quick, File Your Taxes....or Someone May Beat You to It!

By: Kim Syrop

You may not think about filing your taxes until April, but trust me, you should do it sooner rather than later! If you don't, you may become one of an estimated 226,000 taxpayers who became the victim of tax refund fraud last year. [. . .]

How to Protect Your Business from Cyber-Fraud

Cyber criminals are on the attack and more and more of their targets are small businesses. [. . .]

Your First Job & How to Make Extra Cash


Once you turn 16, you’re generally able to start working in the United States. On my 16th birthday, I went down to a local restaurant and applied to be a waitress, which turned into my first job. [. . .]

5 Tips for Finding Great Vacation Deals


My husband and I love to travel. When the recession hit, like everyone, we tightened our belts. It looked like vacations were going to be a casualty. But time away is important; we all need to relax and recharge. [. . .]

How To WOW a Banker When You Need to Borrow Money for Your Business


If you are an electrician or a plumber, the tools of your trade are obvious. The basic tools and techniques used by bankers to assess a loan request for a business are relatively simple but a little more difficult to decipher.  [. . .]

5 Important Credit Card Tips


Credit cards are just one of many valuable tools that can help you build financial success. The point that most young people miss though is, with great financial power comes great financial responsibility. [. . .]

It’s a Cyber Jungle Out There, 5 Tips for Staying Safe Online


Connecting to family, friends and businesses via social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. While the lines have blurred between the real world and the cyber world, sometimes we forget it’s a cyber jungle out there. Here's how to stay safe online: [. . .]

5 Tips to Negotiating a Business Loan in an Unstable Economy


Despite the uncertainty in the economy, banks still have money and they need to lend it.  So, here are five ways you can increase your chances to accessing some of this cash so that your business can grow and you can manage [. . .]

What Teens Need to Know About Credit Cards


Credit cards are awesome, right? Maybe. This article will explain the basics about credit cards - what they are, how they should be used, that credit is not free money, it is borrowed money, what APR is and what can happen if you fall behind. [. . .]