The Bank Roll

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Since I field a lot of questions each day on a variety of topics, I thought I could be helpful by explaining some important parts of Webster’s Consumer Account disclosures that are most frequently inquired about to help you understand the rules that guide your bank account.   [. . .]
Did you know that you can ask us to either authorize or decline debit card transactions when you have insufficient funds in your checking account? Some people prefer to overdraw their account to let important payments post, and other people prefer to have their debit card declined. The choice is yours, and we want to help you understand the difference between the two options before you decide. [. . .]
Have you ever found yourself short of cash? Unexpected emergencies, occurrences and expenses can really put a crimp in your financial health. Whether it is an illness or a disaster, anyone can find themselves in need of an an emergency loan. Planning for the future can help with more than just your retirement; it can also lessen the pinch of sudden expenses. It is important to research and consider your options, even when you are in a pinch.   [. . .]
Tax season can be taxing but you can do a lot of spring cleaning in the process. If you’re like me, you’ve got stacks and stacks of papers that you don’t need and they are just creating a huge mess! [. . .]