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Jordan Arovas

Jordan Arovas, Senior Vice President and Manager of Specialty Banking at Webster Bank, has an extensive banking career, working with local governments, law firms, labor unions, property management firms, healthcare practices, homeowners associations and nonprofits. With more than 10 years of specialty banking experience, he works exclusively across New England and New York to provide financial service solutions to help maximize clients day-to-day operations. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut and a MBA from Sacred Heart University. Connect with him on LinkedIn at: or on Twitter @jordanarovas

Jordan's Blog Articles

Paper medical forms. Paper bills. Paper checks. There’s no doubt that the healthcare industry has been sick with paper.  And the cure is coming in the form of new regulations that require healthcare plans and providers to change from paper-based to electronic payments and transactions.   [. . .]
The October 1, 2014 target deadline  for medical practices to upgrade from ICD-9  to ICD-10 will establish national standards for electronic health care transactions and increased use of electronic data interchange. Is your medical practice ready? [. . .]
Change happens quickly in the business world, and to remain competitive, you must embrace it. To keep up, your business needs to be equipped to handle obstacles as they come your way. And most importantly, you must ensure... [. . .]
While we all make resolutions for the New Year, getting back to basics can be just as powerful. Just as it is good practice to go through your budget to find expenses that can be trimmed to save money, you should comb through your business and find ways to tighten up in order to save money and better position your team for success. Ask yourself these questions to get started:   [. . .]