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Brenda Greene

Brenda Greene joined Webster in September, 2004. Based in Providence, R.I., she is vice president, public affairs covering the bank’s Rhode Island/eastern Massachusetts region. A publicist and writer for more than 20 years, Brenda started her public relations career in the tourism and hospitality industry. Ten years ago, she transitioned to economic development and ultimately, financial services. Writing under her maiden name, Brenda D. Farrell, she was a travel correspondent for Associated Press Special Features from 1996- 2002. Off-hours, Brenda is a singer and board member of the Chorus of Westerly. When not working or singing, she and her husband, Michael, frequently travel the highways and byways of Webster’s four-state footprint in search of antiques, great restaurants and obscure historic sites. Brenda is a journalism graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a master’s degree in the same from Regent University.

Brenda's Blog Articles

When my husband returned from his last combat tour in Iraq in 2008, we began talking in earnest about the house we wanted to buy “some day.” We’d been living comfortably enough in our condo, but our dream was to buy and restore an historic house.  He knew how to do all the work, having worked in [. . .]
For the first time in nearly a year, you can feel it again. Air as crisp as a freshly picked apple.The coziness of your favorite fall jacket. Aromas of wood smoke, hot chocolate and warm cider tickling your nose. The warmth [. . .]
Most of us feel a bit of a relief at the end of the holiday season, followed by a case of the mid-winter blues. Sometimes the cure is as simple as a nice dinner out, but if you’re still paying off the holiday bills, dining [. . .]
Years ago, when I was single, I had a great part-time gig as a travel correspondent for the Associated Press. The paycheck wasn’t anything to write home about, but the opportunity to see and do things I might not have otherwise [. . .]