The Bank Roll

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If you read our blog post, Why Interest Rocks, you learned about simple interest, the percentage you earn on the original principle  in your savings account. Now get ready for the sequel... Why Compound Interest Rocks. Here we go! [. . .]
The new year is a time of reflection and new beginnings. Looking back on 2012 and the high number of disasters, I decided to make a new year’s resolution to increase my charitable giving with my left over holiday dollars. [. . .]
Fall is here. It’s time again for planning and making schedules; for the school year, for juggling work and family activities. It also a great time to check in on your savings plans and review your accounts. At least once [. . .]
You may be on top of the latest trends and all your friends may ask you for fashion tips, but when it comes to dressing for the workplace, trendy is not the new black. In fact many employers have strict requirements and prefer employees to wear conservative clothing, subdued nail color, and frown upon visible piercings and tattoos. My college-age son now regrets his choice of a visible arm tattoo because his summer job insisted he wear long sleeves to cover it up, despite the sweltering heat.   [. . .]