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Cardiovascular Disease: Know the Signs


When it comes to your health, knowledge really is power. I know because my mother’s life was saved not once, but twice because those who were with her recognized the signs of heart attack and stroke. [. . .]

Private Bank Market Update


In this Market Update our Private Bank’s Chief Investment Strategist, Yves Cochez, provides insights on the State of the Union and the State of the “Other” Union. The perspective compares central bank actions domestically and in the European Union. [. . .]

Market Commentary Provides Economic Insights


Chief Investment Strategist Yves Cochez offers his insights on the issues facing the financial markets. Read his take on falling oil prices, interest rates and the U.S. economy; the factors affecting the economies in Japan and China, the strength of the U.S. [. . .]

A Special Message from our Mentoring Partners


The magic of mentoring is that moment when an adult and a young person realize they care about each other, can learn from each other and feel connected.  This heartfelt moment is different for each mentor-mentee relationship, but once it happens there is no turning back.  Mentors describe being “ [. . .]

Primary Care Practice Embraces the Dynamic Changes in the Healthcare landscape: An Interview with Dr. Contstantine Vafidis, MD.

By: Dev Singh

Dr. Constantine Vafidis is the owner of Primary Medical Center and Walk-in, LLC located at 684 Warren Avenue, East Providence, R.I. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Dr. Vafidis is also a member of American Academy of Physicians. Dr. [. . .]

Traveling for the Holidays? Be in the Know Before You Go!


Sure, traveling for the holidays is supposed to be a joyous occasion, however, with flight delays, bumper to bumper traffic and the overall cost, it can often times become stressful. [. . .]

Food insecurity: Confronting the new face of hunger


It used to be that donating food to feed the hungry was just that – feeding people who were literally starving in the streets. Today, it’s not just the homeless or destitute that are going without food, it’s working families who simply cannot make ends meet. [. . .]

To thank you for your service


According to, there are 23.2 million military veterans in the United States. [. . .]

Message From Our Chairman About Our Outage


Dear Webster customers, [. . .]

How to Measure GDP Growth


A little test [. . .]