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Aging hits home for condominium communities in New England

By: Dev Singh

Condominiums and common ownership communities have been a phenomenon in New England since the mid 1970’s. Like their owners, they are now starting to age. And their buildings need major repairs, remodeling and improvements.  [. . .]

Food Challenge: Several “Ah-Ha” Moments and Memories


The words ‘food’ and ‘challenge’ should never be in the same sentence. For me, the week was filled more with one word and less of the other - and it doesn’t take much thought to figure which is which. [. . .]

Banking Program for Veterans


Score with Webster's program for veterans [. . .]

Fall Borrowing


  When you need cash, home is where the equity is.   [. . .]

Questions About Home Depot Customer Data


The news media has reported that Home Depot is investigating a possible information breach involving its customers’ credit and debit card information. [. . .]

Argentina … Again


Don’t let me down Argentina, The truth is I bought your bonds [. . .]

Shakespeare for the Rest of Us


In the past, most of us wouldn’t think twice about choosing a summer block-bluster movie over Shakespeare. In Greater New Haven, Connecticut, however, Elm Shakespeare Company is changing all that – on stage and in the classroom. [. . .]

Coming August 21 – a Brand New


Get ready for a bigger and better online experience at Our public website is getting a whole new look. [. . .]

Business Spotlight: Cannolis for a Cause


Meriano’s Bake Shoppe and Cannoli Truck have been baking their way to a better day, one cannoli at a time. [. . .]

The perks of being a condo association member


It’s been said that membership has its privileges. Unfortunately, these privileges usually don’t come cheap. Take condo living for example. [. . .]