Cyber security: What you can do to help.

Mon, 19 Oct 2015

At Webster, it’s important that our customers know they can always bank with confidence. So cyber security is our top priority. And while we’ve invested in cutting-edge security technologies to protect our customers’ personal information, there are a few simple precautions we can all take to increase our individual cyber security.

Increase your password protection.  When you bank online, your password is the gateway to your accounts. So it’s important to have a strong password—something that would be difficult to guess. The more complex your password is, the better protection it offers, such as XC465%#79.

If you’re a Webster online banking customer, you can update your password here.

Use free online banking tools. Take advantage of free online banking tools that can help you safely monitor your accounts and prevent identity theft:

  • Sign up for balance alerts. At Webster, our online Balance Alerts tools will send you a text or email when your account balance hits an amount you select. This will alert you to any unexpected withdrawals that you’ll want to investigate. Sign up here.

  • Receive your statements online. Switching from paper to secure online statements not only saves you time and money, it eliminates the possibility of statement theft from your mailbox. At Webster, this tool is called Statement eDelivery. It’s free, and you can enroll here.

  • Pay bills online. Our Online Billpay tool lets you safely pay bills online. It’s fast, easy and saves you the cost of stamps. Plus, it helps you avoid the potential risk of sending checks and other sensitive financial information by mail. Sign up.

Take your security on the road.
With mobile banking, all these online tools can travel with you anywhere you go. Webster makes it easy with a free mobile app that you can download to your smartphone or tablet. Download our app now.

Bank with confidence.
When you bank with secure online tools, you can feel confident that your account information is safe and protected. Start taking advantage of them today!

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