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I Know Your Password!

Truth be told, I do not. However, it appears I, and many others, could guess! [. . .]

Open a personal checking account with Webster Bank


If you're looking for a checking account that has excellent features combined with personalized service, Webster Bank is the perfect choice for you. We offer five different personal checking accounts to choose from. [. . .]

Private Bank Market Commentary - October 2015


As we continue to recover from the summer’s market turmoil, investors are asking, “What’s next?” Uncertainty about the Fed, global growth, China and other concerns have us taking a defensive investment stance. So when can we start dialing up the risk in our portfolios? [. . .]

Ring in the New Year with Infinity Music Hall


Two Ways to Enter 1. Visit our Facebook page and click on the Infinity Hall tab. 2. Non- Facebook Entry Method [. . .]

Snap Challenge: Eyes Wide Open the Second Time Around

Snap Challenge

September 2015 came around and I was up for the SNAP Challenge – an eye opening experience for me last year. So, I went into it this year thinking having that experience under my belt would make it easier. Guess what –hunger is never easy to digest. [. . .]

We made our website better 1 year ago


Google recently updated its search logo to display better on multiple screen sizes.  Wait, we did that a whole year ago! [. . .]

Meeting the financing needs of nonprofits

By: Dev Singh

For nonprofits, it can be hard to find a balance between serving clients and managing finances. Fluctuating revenues make it difficult to stay on top of expenses. And raising funds is more challenging than ever. [. . .]

Private Bank Market Update September 2015


"Some say the upcoming rate hike by the Fed is a testament to our economic growth.  But is it really? Find out in the new Private Bank Insights newsletter by Yves Cochez, Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Strategist. [. . .]

Private Bank Market Update - August 2015


"Cautious not bearish" is how investors should react to the downturn across global markets, according to Yves Cochez, our Chief Investment Strategist. Read his Private Bank Market Update here. [. . .]

Private Bank Market Update - July 2015


How have the major asset classes been performing so far this year? International Equities are outperforming U.S. stocks. Commodity prices rebounded in Q2 but are still down. Hedge Funds are performing at levels we haven’t seen in years. [. . .]