Family Fun on a Budget Part 2

Fri, 22 Feb 2013

Recently we posted 15 fun family-friendly activities you can do for little to no cost, and are back with 15 more. Please add some of your own ideas in the comments below, and if you like these, share away!  


Get Active

1. Ride a bike - If you don’t have a bike, see if a friend or neighbor has one you can borrow.  


2. Play at the playground – there are plenty of apparatuses to choose from and most modern playgrounds have soft, spongy landings in case you or the kids take a little tumble.  


3. Play tag sale splurge - I need to credit my mother with this brilliant idea. She would give us each $2.00 to take to a tag sale or flea market. On the way there, my mom would designate a mystery item (ex: an elephant, something orange and purple, 2 left shoes). We were free to spend the $2.00 however we pleased, but if we found the mystery item, we won the privilege of choosing what we were eating for dinner.  


4. Make an obstacle course - Turn your playroom or yard into an obstacle course and time each family member, awarding a home-made trophy to the best time.  


Make Stuff

5. Make a fort - We have a two year-old daughter, but my husband and I get as big a kick out of making a fort as she does. It really doesn’t get old.

Amanda's fort

6. Pitch a tent in the back yard and camp out - Is it raining? Set up a tent in your living room. It’s fun, and doesn't cost a thing! If you don't have a tent, see tip #5.  


7. Record a new voice mail - Work together to create a new message for your voice mail. You can make it as funny, intricate, or as simple as you like.  


8. Make a family tree - Break out an old photo album and make a family tree. It is a great opportunity to introduce your children to family members who have passed away, and it adds cultural perspective! Just think of the stories they can hand down to their children!  


Girls or Boys Night In

9. Movie night - Enjoy a night in by watching a movie. You can rent a movie for as little as $1 using services like RedBox, or you can check one out from your local library for free.  


10. Bake – Bake some cookies, cupcakes, or any other fun treat. Try making it from scratch!

Baking supplies

11. Play a Board Game - Winner gets to stay up 30 minutes past bed time!  


12. Dine In - Rather than go out to a restaurant, cook up something special at home. Break out a fancy tablecloth and your good china for fun. Make gourmet pizza or grilled cheese sandwiches and pretend that you are out to eat somewhere swanky – maybe even another country. The kids can make menus and pretend to be the server for some added fun.  


13. Have a House-wide Treasure Hunt - Hide an object somewhere in the house and try to find it.  Maybe it is something that they can keep as a prize.


Take a's in a Book

14. Read a Book - Turn off the TV and dive into a good book. Reading has numerous developmental and creative benefits, plus reading together is good bonding time.

Book and bookmark


 15. Go to the Library - Libraries tend to have great activity schedules as well as free books and videos. See if they have activities for your child’s age group, like story time, and have fun exploring these imaginative adventures.  


So there you have it, 15 more ideas for family fun on a budget. Next time your kids say that dreaded phrase, “I’m bored!” you’ll know where to turn. What are budget-friendly activities you do with your family?