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Topical Advice: 7 Questions for a Financially Stronger Dental Practice


Jordan Arovas, SVP & Manager, Specialty Business Banking, Webster Bank Let’s say you’re a sole practitioner who needs to ramp up marketing in a highly competitive community—or a group practice, frustrated by third-party payment delays. [. . .]

5 Insights for home buyers in 2019 on tax reform, technology and straight talk


Simon Tahan, SVP, Director of Home Loans, Webster Bank [. . .]

Forward Look: Q1 Ups, Downs and Opportunities


By John Olerio, Director, Senior Vice President Webster Investment Services [. . .]

To franchise or not to franchise?


If you’ve ever dreamed of being your own boss, owning a franchise can be an effective way to start to a business. From fast food restaurants to fitness and spa centers, there are more than 700,000 franchises in the U.S. alone, offering instant brand recognition and a built-in customer base. [. . .]

5 Ingredients for Success from Five Franchising Leaders

By: Ab Igram

Managing Director, Head of Restaurant & Franchise for Sponsor and Specialty Finance [. . .]

10 Fiscal Fitness Tips for Home Buyers in 2019


As we welcome 2019, you may be looking forward to a new home purchase or refinancing your existing mortgage. So being financially fit is more important than ever. Consider this a personal training session, with tips to help you put your best foot forward when approaching a lender. [. . .]

Disaster Response for Business Continuity:

Being business-ready for any potential disaster should be top-of-mind, every day. Business continuity is about planning the actions to take in a crisis, implementing alternative operating procedures and communicating to staff and customers. You may never have to use your plans, but they will be critical if you ever need them! [. . .]

Small Businesses: A fresh perspective on short- and long-term success.


As a small business owner, you balance the ability to quickly solve short-term problems while realizing long-term goals. That’s why we’d like to offer a new perspective on your goals for the coming year: Don’t plan for 12 months. Plan for 18. [. . .]

What’s keeping Rhode Islanders from their dream home?


By Patricia Placencia Housing market conditions over the past few years haven’t helped—but one of the biggest obstacles is misinformation: Myths and lack of awareness of the home lending help readily available in our state. Let’s do a reality check. You may be surprised. [. . .]

Cybercrime and Small Business: How to Address Evolving Threats

That’s a common misperception: that cyber thieves only go after big targets, like Equifax, the Pentagon or, yes, Target. Those massive data breaches might convince you that your company can escape notice. [. . .]