How many ways can hackers attack your business today?

Wed, 03 Oct 2018

The answer: Plenty, with new threats evolving all the time. Cybersecurity isn’t an IT issue. It’s a business issue. And the cost of prevention is minimal compared to the cost of recovering from a cyber fraud event.

A successful Cyber Awareness Plan requires training, refresher courses, and regular drills to keep employees up-to-speed on the emerging threats. In a data breach, you’ll all have a carefully thought-out and well-practiced plan — getting your business back to normal faster.

To help you develop your plan, Webster Bank provides cyber security guidance with this Fraud Awareness & Risk Management Checklist. Our checklist goes beyond the basics to make sure you’re aware of the full range of vulnerabilities for your business’s data and money. Download it today.

We know how important the security of your finances and data is to the success of your business and your organization's reputation. So we encourage you to get professional advice from your legal, IT and accounting partners. They can help you customize a fraud protection strategy to meet your specific needs. And, review the checklist regularly to keep your information safe. For more information, refer to Webster's Fraud Awareness & Risk Management Checklist, leave a comment, or contact me directly.

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