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5 Important Credit Card Tips


Credit cards are just one of many valuable tools that can help you build financial success. The point that most young people miss though is, with great financial power comes great financial responsibility. [. . .]

It’s a Cyber Jungle Out There, 5 Tips for Staying Safe Online


Connecting to family, friends and businesses via social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. While the lines have blurred between the real world and the cyber world, sometimes we forget it’s a cyber jungle out there. Here's how to stay safe online: [. . .]

5 Tips to Negotiating a Business Loan in an Unstable Economy


Despite the uncertainty in the economy, banks still have money and they need to lend it.  So, here are five ways you can increase your chances to accessing some of this cash so that your business can grow and you can manage [. . .]

What Teens Need to Know About Credit Cards


Credit cards are awesome, right? Maybe. This article will explain the basics about credit cards - what they are, how they should be used, that credit is not free money, it is borrowed money, what APR is and what can happen if you fall behind. [. . .]

Happy Groundhog Day to Ben Bernanke


I haven’t the slightest idea what will happen if Ben Bernanke sees his shadow on February 2. However, the Federal Reserve Chairman did shed some additional light on the future of monetary policy on January 25.  [. . .]

Bob Twomey Answers Your Credit Questions from Facebook


WJAR NBC10 asked their Facebook fans to ask any questions they had about credit scores so Bob Twomey, of Webster Bank, could answer them live on air. He was able to answer a few on today's Sunrise Business segment, but for the people that didn't get an answer on TV, we've answered them on our blog. [. . .]

Calling All Veterans


The SBA has made it a top priority to assist veterans in financing their businesses or even starting up a business. In June of 2007, the SBA created the very popular SBA Patriot Express Loan Program. [. . .]

The Real Cost of Your First Car


When my brother handed me the keys to his 1983 Camaro I was so excited and grateful to have a free car.  Little did I know there are many other expenses that come along with being a car owner.  Here is what my “free” car cost me in my first six months... [. . .]

How Debit & Credit Card Fraud Works & 5 Ways To Protect Yourself


You just checked your bank accounts, like you normally do everyday, but today there is a big problem -- your checking account is negative! [. . .]

Tips for Teens on Internet Safety


I’m sure that your parents have already given you “house rules” for using the internet. They have told you not to put personal information in your online profiles. [. . .]