I Know Your Password!

Wed, 14 Oct 2015

Truth be told, I do not. However, it appears I, and many others, could guess! In previous blogs, I have talked about the importance of protecting your PC from cyber theft and the potential threats of malicious software that steals your password and other critical information to login to financial services sites. But sometimes, technology is not the issue!  

Common Passwords

In a recent report published by Yahoo third party link the most common passwords are as simple as “123456” -- literally! Superman, iloveyou and many others are so common that the bad guys use guessing as an easy way to get in.  

Create Strong Passwords

Passwords are part of a layered security system. Take a few moments to consider a password unique to you and your ability to remember it. Microsoft has some good suggestions third party link for how to create a good password. PC Magazine said it best third party link, we live in a password driven (online) world. There’s no perfect system that can prevent unauthorized access 100% of the time. You need to be vigilant about protecting your password from those that steal them online, or guess it by researching you. To see if your password is secure, run it through this test. third party link Now, let’s talk about challenge questions that can protect your password.  

Challenge Questions

Many of the challenge questions offered as part of password security ask you for your favorite color, the name of your high school, your hometown, favorite food, etc. However, many of us post this personal information on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media. Be careful about what you post, and only use challenge questions that are not easily figured out via an online search of your social media profile. Do you have any tips you can share about making sure no one can steal your password?