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Condo shoppers: 4 Potential bumps in the road to a mortgage


By Gary Moukhtarian, Senior Vice President Consumer Finance, Webster Bank The moment you see it, you know: This is the condo for you. But then comes the nitty-gritty of financing—and that can mean unexpected challenges. [. . .]

Hartford Yard Goats Baseball: The product is happiness. The bank is Webster.


“Minor League Baseball is all about fun. That’s why we take special care of every touchpoint in the customer experience,” says Hartford Yard Goats President Tim Restall. “From ticket sales to parking to our team store, we want to make every interaction easy.” [. . .]

Retirement planning ideas to strive for long-term success


Let’s kick off our discussion with a happy thought: the potential of doubling your money. It’s all about the Rule of 72: one of the handiest retirement planning tools. You divide 72 by the annual rate of return on an investment. The result may be the number of years it will take for your funds to double. [. . .]

Empty nesters: How your college student can build a nest egg


Financial education to prepare students for college You send your student off to college. For a day or so, you enjoy the bittersweet quiet of an empty nest. Then—wait for it—the first call comes in: “Mom, Dad. I need more money.” [. . .]

How to Plan Financially for College, from Cradle to Graduation


A crash course in funding an education [. . .]

The Essential Homebuyer’s Checklist


[. . .]

How the SBA helps doctors achieve business goals


A financial Rx for medical practice growth By Bob Polito, SVP/Director of Government Guaranteed Lending (SBA) and Jordan Arovas, SVP & Manager, Specialty Business Banking, Webster Bank     [. . .]

2018 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report


[. . .]

2018 Annual Report


Webster President and CEO John Ciulla recently sat down to share some highlights from the 2018 Annual Report video, including HSA Bank, Commercial Banking and Community Banking achievements. [. . .]

With these assets and liabilities, I thee wed.


7 Key Questions to Ask Before Getting Married [. . .]