The perks of being a condo association member

Wed, 23 Jul 2014

It’s been said that membership has its privileges. Unfortunately, these privileges usually don’t come cheap. Take condo living for example. If you’re a member of a Homeowner’s or Condominium Association, you probably pay a monthly fee to have the privilege of having the grass cut, or the snow plowed.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a membership privilege you didn’t have to pay for?

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Introducing Homeowners’ Association Plus loan discounts 

If your condo or homeowner association is a Webster customer, you can qualify for discounts on home equity and personal loans through our Homeowners’ Association Plus program.

The right loan discount can make it easier to pay for things like home improvements, a family wedding, or even continuing your education. Any life event you may not have the resources for.

Free to your association, free to you

The Homeowner’s Association Plus Program is totally free. There’s no obligation   for your Association to sign up. And there’s no fee for you to receive the loan discounts. All you have to do is qualify for the loan you apply for.

How to get started   

Tell your association about the perks of being a Webster customer and our free    Homeowners’ Association Plus program. Then stop by your local banking center for more information.

For faster action, why not invite us to your next association meeting? We can help your association join Webster and help you start benefiting from our free Homeowners’ Plus Program.

All loans and lines are subject to credit approval.

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