How to Save, Save, Save Your Money in a Spend, Spend, Spend World

Tue, 11 Feb 2014

Let’s face it. It’s easy to spend money. These days, you can do it almost anywhere, any time of day. There are 24-hour shopping networks and online stores. Coffee shops and fast food chains on every corner. Malls, multiplexes, and mail-order. You name it; you can probably spend money on it. Whether you can afford to or not.   Saving money, on the other hand, may not be as easy as spending, but it can be fun. And in the long run it’s certainly a lot more rewarding. Ever hear of “saver’s remorse?” I doubt it. The trick with saving is to make it a challenge, not a chore. A goal to reach, instead of a sacrifice to endure. It can be done! All you need is a little encouragement.  


Make Us Your Personal Savings Trainer

When it comes to saving, Webster can help you achieve your personal best. Our bankers are here to support your savings goals – no matter how big or small - with the right products and personalized service you need and deserve. Take a look at these helpful hints as you set your GPS to the nearest Webster Banking Center.  


Pay Yourself First

When you get a paycheck, make sure the first person you pay is YOU. After all, you are just as important as any other financial responsibility you may have. So pay up and don’t be late! Once your paycheck is deposited into your Webster Bank checking account, transfer a portion to a Webster Bank Savings account. For best results, set this amount as a recurring, automatic transfer. If you don’t have it you can’t spend it.  


Make a Weekly Budget and Review Your Spending

Did you know that I spend $150 on groceries each week? I didn’t… until I wrote down all my expenses. I created a monthly budget and by trimming some expense fat, I was able to find money to put towards savings. By knowing how much I spent, I was able to curb my spending and put that money to better use.


Help Your Money Make Money with an Interest-Earning Account

Who doesn’t like to get things for free? Well with an interest earning account, you are getting money – maybe not as much as 2007, but you are getting something. Put 10 bucks under the mattress and after a year it will still be 10 bucks, but put that same10 bucks into a savings or CD account and watch your money grow. At Webster Bank, traditional bank products like CDs and savings account can be customized to meet your goals. 


Once you start, saving money becomes a mindset and a lifestyle that can restore confidence in your financial future. Come into your local Webster banking center to talk with a savings expert and learn more about our Savings Account options. As your savings partner, we’ll help you set goals, find easy solutions and start saving smarter.  


For more information on long-term saving strategies, or to use our savings calculator to see how much you need to reach your savings goal, click here.


-Jeff Silverman

Product Manager, Webster Bank