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7 Financial Tips for Not-So-New Newlyweds


The song says “Love’s more comfortable the second time around.” But not necessarily when it comes to finances. Older couples marrying face their own set of questions and challenges about merging their lives—and their money. And by “older,” we’re talking about ages 40+: young at heart, but old enough to have accumulated assets. You’ve each also accumulated a life’s worth of habits and opinions about spending, budgeting and saving—and they can rub each other the wrong way... [. . .]

How tax reform may — or may not — affect your next move.


First home? New home? Dream home? How tax reform may — or may not — affect your next move. If you’re confused about how the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act could affect your home financing plans, you’re definitely not alone. Lots of first-time and new-home buyers have been asking whether they can still deduct the interest they pay on their mortgage. And many of those dreaming of major home improvements want to know if a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or home equity loan still offers a tax-advantaged way to turn their dreams into reality. The short answer to both of those questions is still yes — as long as you meet certain qualifications. [. . .]

First-Time Home Buyers:

first time home buying

As “For Sale” signs pop up like crocuses, the home-buying season bursts into full bloom. But too often, mortgage myths dissuade potential first-time home buyers from taking that step from renting to owning. Don’t let these six misconceptions stop you from moving forward. [. . .]

Positioned For Growth:


Webster President and CEO John Ciulla recently sat down to share some highlights from the 2017 Annual Report, including HSA Bank, Commercial Banking and Community Banking achievements. [. . .]

Five ways to bank safer for National Cybersecurity Month


October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of cybersecurity, and a time for all of us to refresh our knowledge of cybersecurity best [. . .]

4 low-cost strategies to fight the high cost of fraud

In 2016, 30% of fraud cases occurred in small businesses, and 60% of these didn’t recover any of... [. . .]

Smart ways to prevent fraud from hacking into your profits

When you're focused on growing your business, we know that finding the time to think about fraud protection can be difficult. [. . .]

Homebuyer's Helper: How much home can you afford?


People often start their search by getting a preapproved mortgage. That may speed things up—but there's a big difference between how much you can borrow and how much you can afford. [. . .]

To Buy or Not to Buy: 3 Questions Every Renter Needs to Consider


Today, 37% of all U.S. [. . .]

The benefits of reserve studies for homeowner and community associations


As part of the Specialty Banking Group at Webster, I have had the opportunity to help many local homeowner and community associations develop strategies for managing their finances. [. . .]