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Pardon me, is that my tax refund in your pocket?


How to protect yourself against tax-related fraud Imagine filing your tax return only to find that some stranger beat you to it. Sound crazy? It’s actually the latest craze among identity thieves. And right now is peak season. [. . .]

Spending too much life on your money? Time for a refund.


Spending too much life on your money? Time for a refund. Between work, kids and home, you don't have time to get bogged down by your money. Hours spent on trips to the bank, paying bills and paperwork can rob you of the time and energy you need for more important things. [. . .]

What kind of saver are you?


When you think about saving money, what's the first thing that pops into your head? Guilt? Fear? Excitement? Your feelings about saving money say a lot about the type of saver you are. And knowing the type of saver you are is key to find the saving strategies that will work best for you. [. . .]

Market Insights - August 2016


What will it take to stimulate the economy? [. . .]

Don’t let banking slow down your summer


Summer time comes just once a year. And with Webster's online and mobile banking, you don't have to miss a minute of it! On the road or on the beach, you can manage your money quickly and easily – and have more time to spend on summer fun. Just look at what you can accomplish: [. . .]

Market Insights - June 2016


A high debt burden combined with slow economic growth are forecasting cloudy weather for the markets over the long term. So where can investors seek shelter? [. . .]

Plan now for a cyber safe vacation


It's summer time and you're ready for a vacation. But before you go, take a minute to read these cyber safety and other tips so your dream vacation doesn't turn into a nightmare! [. . .]

Private Bank Market Commentary - May 2016


Should the UK leave the EU? Referendum voters are deeply divided over the economic impact of this possibility. Get the real story in this month’s Market Commentary. Read it here. [. . .]

Don’t let identity thieves ruin your vacation


Summer is right around the corner, the perfect time of year for vacations, travel…and credit card fraud. So while you’re making your summer plans, be sure to bring along these valuable tips to protect yourself against fraud and identity theft. [. . .]

Don’t let ‘ransomware’ hold your computer hostage


Several hospitals have been the target lately of a new phenomenon called “ransomware.” And anyone can be a victim. [. . .]