ARCHIVE111319Online Bill Pay + Tax Payments

Webster helps you make stress-free (and stamp-free) payments easily and securely.

Fast Facts

  • It’s free with Webster Checking
  • Schedule payments anytime
  • See payment status online

No checks to write, no stamps to lick, no mail getting lost—Webster makes paying bills as painless as possible for your business.

With our Online Bill Pay + Tax Payments, you can make online payments to almost anyone you want—from cell phone providers to office supply vendors to state, and Federal tax agencies—all in one convenient place.

Webster’s Online Bill Pay + Tax Payments Offers You

Easy Online Set-Up

With Bill Pay, simply choose from a list of popular payees, such as credit card companies, and utility companies, or enter your own payee information. For Tax Payments, it’s simple to set up tax payees and make your state or Federal tax payments.

Convenient Payment From One Screen

Once your online bill payees are set up, they’re saved on WebsterOnline. So when you’re ready to pay bills, you can enter payment amounts and pay one, two, or all of your bills from one screen.

Tax Payments also allows you to pay your local Sales and Use, and Withholding taxes (CT, MA, RI, and NY) and various Federal* tax types all from one place.

And for extra reassurance, we’ll send you a prompt confirmation once your payments are made.

Free Use

Best of all, you can make online payments at no extra cost—it’s free, convenient and secure.

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*Federal tax types include: 940, 941, 943, 945, 990, 1041, 1042, 1120.