Webster Deposit-Link®

You cost your company money when you don’t deposit checks right away. Use Deposit-Link to submit checks electronically via your scanner or mobile device as soon as they arrive.

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Save your business trips to the bank and get paid faster. Using Webster Web-Link®, you can scan in checks from your computer and submit them for deposit. This method is recommended for 100 checks or more per month; for less volume you can use remote deposit through our convenient Web-Link mobile app.


  • Deposit checks more quickly and easily
  • Enjoy same-day processing until our 8pm EST deposit deadline
  • No more waiting in the bank teller line
  • Eliminate “desk float”, when your deposits aren’t cleared until the next business day


  • Single point of reference for scanned checks
  • Online transaction tracking by date and/or deposit amount
  • Automated A/R posting if you use our optional OCR coupon scanning feature
  • Duplicate check detection
  • Robust security features give you peace of mind knowing your deposit activity is protected

Webster Web-Link®

Give your financial operations full online and mobile functionality. You'll have an array of powerful tools for reporting, collections and payments — with functions to increase your fraud prevention and security profile, too. Get the details of how to ingrate Web-Link into your processes.