Fraud protection

Help detect fraudulent payments with Positive Pay. Through Webster Web-Link®, you can monitor incoming check and ACH payments on your business account(s) and identify potentially questionable activity right away.

Key features

  • Check Positive Pay: receive alerts when checks presented against your account don't match the information you've given us 
  • Payee Name Positive Pay: verify names on checks have not been altered
  • Teller Positive Pay: protect yourself against fraudulent checks presented at Webster branches against your accounts
  • ACH Positive Pay and Debit Block: use our online capabilities to authorize or reject ACH debits against your account
  • Dual Control: assign multiple staff members to manage sensitive online activity and protect against internal fraud

Fraud prevention tools

Check Positive Pay

  • Webster receives your file of issued checks
  • Using serial numbers and amounts, we conduct a side-by-side comparison of your checks presented against your account, through a standard clearing process
  • You then have the opportunity to check for possible fraud by reviewing suspicious checks presented through Web-Link

Payee Name Positive Pay

  • Payee names on in-clearing checks are compared to the payee information on checks you’ve issued
  • Unique ability to ask Webster to verify one, two or three lines of payee information, including addresses

Teller Positive Pay

An additional layer of fraud protection for checks presented for payment at a Webster branch

ACH Positive Pay and Debit Block

  • Protects your accounts from unauthorized/potentially fraudulent ACH debits
  • Gives you the authority to restrict access to funds in your commercial account
  • Can be used in conjunction with Check Positive Pay

Dual Control

  • Allows your business to require two different users to be involved in sensitive activity, like setting up new company users or making payments
  • Crosscheck account activity
  • Helps you meet Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance requirements

Webster Web-Link®

Give your financial operations full online and mobile functionality. You'll have an array of powerful tools for reporting, collections and payments — with functions to increase your fraud prevention and security profile, too. Get the details of how to ingrate Web-Link into your processes.