Eurodollar Time Deposits

Take advantage of some of the most competitive interest rates offered by Webster’s Treasury Sales Group.

Fast Facts

  • Exist in U.S. dollar denominations
  • Require $100K minimum deposit
  • Offer competitive interest rates

If you’re looking for a short-term money market investment, Webster’s Eurodollar Time Deposits may be a good choice. Issued by our Grand Cayman branch, Eurodollar deposits don’t have FDIC insurance, but they can offer an alternate investment with a competitive yield for your company’s investment needs.

Our Eurodollar Time Deposits Offer

  • The highest interest rate of all our investment alternatives, paid at maturity
  • Deposit terms as long as one year

Keep in Mind

  • Eurodollar Time Deposits are not FDIC insured—they’re an unconditional obligation of Webster Bank
  • The minimum investment is $100,000
  • Eurodollar Time Deposits must link to a Webster Deposit Account

To invest in our Eurodollar Time Deposits, first open a Webster deposit account.

For more details on Eurodollar Time Deposits, please call us at 1-888-578-2323, or email


Eurodollar Time Deposits are an unconditional obligation of Webster Bank, but carry no FDIC insurance.