Turning pivotal moments into success stories

Often in life, you may find yourself at a pivotal moment—an opportunity too big to miss or a wrench thrown into well-laid plans. Watch these stories of decision-makers at a turning point—and see how they turned their pivotal moments into positive momentum.

Client testimonials

Serving those who served

STRAC Institute

Still reeling from the pandemic’s shocks, STRAC Institute was dealt another blow when their bank unexpectedly cancelled their line of credit. A critical career pipeline for veterans transitioning to civilian life and aspiring electronic professionals, more than STRAC’s business operations were at stake.

According to Videira, “If we’re focused on obtaining financing, we can’t focus on our mission to educate our veterans and students and provide them with a clear path to successful electronics careers.”

Webster moments

Resilience during the pandemic

COVID-19 hit New York City early, and hard. Unemployment rates in the South Bronx skyrocketed — putting even more pressure on Johnson Security to stay afloat and continue providing jobs to members of the community.

Filling a gap in health services

Dr. Heffer wanted to mesh his ER skills with his desire to practice family medicine in Connecticut’s largest city.

For better...and worse

Leo Tracey needed help fast: first, when an historic flood wiped out 85% of his manufacturing operations, and second, when he saw a growth opportunity too good to miss.

Taking a risk against the odds

With unemployment still high and foreclosures continuing, Joe Fortin was ready to take a big leap

Taking a family business into the future

In 2007, success had brought Judy Hilliard McCarthy and Charlie McCarthy to a crossroads: deciding where to take the family business they had purchased and grown over the last 25+ years.

Financial care for the cost of cancer

Meeting a boy with brain cancer inspired Joe and Jen Andruzzi to do something positive for patients facing devastating medical costs.

More Webster moments

Acquisition funding and critical working capital

Peter started Boston Warehouse in 1974 and although the company was already successful, he was provided an opportunity that could double the size of his business overnight.

Rapid growth, rapid response

As it won larger and larger projects, KITE Architects was quickly outgrowing its space. Christine West wanted a new headquarters that would showcase the firm’s design approach-but she needed it fast.

Optimize cash flow

John needed to secure his cash flow while freeing up capital for potential opportunities.

Cash flow in a time of need

In 2016, Medicaid, the Center’s main source of funding, suddenly changed their reimbursement system which meant payments were delayed for months.

Time-sensitive financing

John needed a new bank and quickly. He knew of Webster Bank’s reputation for industry specialists and customer-first financing and immediately made a call.