Smart payment options for your business

Make processing payments easier for your business and your customers. Review payment methods and ensure your customers can easily do business with you.

Smart payment options for your business

Accept your payment possibilities 

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Expand your payment options so you don't leave customers scrambling for their checkbooks. Save time and money as well as improve your cash flow by understanding the benefits of each option.

  • Credit card processing. Improve cash flow needs with credit card processing. Fast turn-around times mean you'll typically have the funds in your account within a day. 
  • Wire transfers. Payments are processed quickly so you know when to expect funds. Fees vary (for sender and receiver) depending on the type of transfer (domestic or international) and how it's initiated (online or in-person). Fees can range from approximately $15 - $50. 
  • ACH payment processing. Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a good option for domestic recurring payments. Fees are low, and funds are available within 2-3 days. 
  • Online bill pay. Merchant payment services1 offer online bill pay options that make it easier for customers to pay you while simplifying the process on your end. Customers can pay using ACH, debit, or credit cards via a website customized to your business. With account reconciliation and recurring payment scheduling for customers, you streamline the process for both parties.

Insights into efficient business

Security Insights

Cybercrime and small business: How to address evolving threats

While cyber thieves still covet your bank account, banks utilize advanced fraud-protection systems to thwart them. So criminals keep developing sophisticated ways to go after your data directly.
Business Banking Insights

Thoughtful planning goes a long way for your business

A business plan is an essential road map for success. It documents the route that your company intends to take in order to reach, maintain and grow revenues.
Business Banking Insights

Keeping your business relevant in changing times

Change happens quickly in the business world, and to remain competitive, you must embrace it. To keep up, your business needs to be equipped to handle obstacles as they come your way.

Easily accept payments with merchant services

Point-of-sale software solutions like Clover® you can integrate with your accounting software and easily accept payments in person or online.

Explore merchant services
Clover payment processing from Webster Bank

Make a payment plan

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Think through your business operations and develop a system that helps you process payments efficiently. 

  • Meet with a business banker. Determine the forms of payment you should start accepting, switch to, or stop accepting for certain transactions.
  • Negotiate fees. Maximize profits by negotiating credit card fees. (Tip: negotiate per-transaction fees when you have lower transaction amounts, and negotiate percentage fees if your business handles larger transaction amounts.) 
  • Determine speed vs. fees. Look at your business' cash flow and determine whether reliable payment timelines or fewer fees would be more beneficial to your bottom line and adjust accordingly.

Insights for developing your business

Funding and growth

Properly utilized, capital is the fuel that can propel your company. Learn how to turn your vision into growth with strategic financing.

Efficiency and best practices

Improve your business growth and profit margins by increasing efficiency and protecting against fraud.

Managing cash flow

Learn how to balance incoming and outgoing payments with the demands of your business needs by using smart tactics to improve cash flow.


Wireless Payment Solutions: Check with your mobile services provider for any charges that may apply for messaging and/or data usage on your mobile device. Terms and conditions apply.

You are eligible for enhanced Merchant Service features if you open a new, or have an existing, Webster Complete Business Checking or Webster Complete Business Checking with Interest account. You cannot already be a First Data Merchant Services customer. 

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