Webster Image-Link®

Reduce physical storage space and get fast access to check images electronically with Webster’s virtual solution.

Fast Facts

  • Saves storage space
  • Speeds up retrieval time
  • Offers online or CD-ROM delivery

Update your storage system by switching from paper files to electronic images. Not only will you save space in your office, you’ll enjoy faster and more dependable online tracking of your paid checks and deposit items.

Webster Image-Link® Offers You

  • Online retrieval of images through Webster Web-Link® for items processed within the past 180 days
  • Permanent archive on CD-ROM that can be delivered daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly
  • Choice of either paid items, deposit tickets, or deposited checks for better payment and deposit reporting
  • Multiple accounts saved to one CD-ROM, provided space is available

To learn more about Webster Image-Link or our other Cash Management services, please call us at 1-888-932-2256 or email cashmgt@websterbank.com.

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