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The Hidden Threat To Small Business Owners

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Liquidity Products: Automatic Investments (Sweeps)*

Make the most of excess cash by investing it automatically. Services include:

  • A Treasury Sales Officer to help determine a target balance
  • Automatic transfer of cash over target balance into investment instrument at the end of each business day

Repurchase Agreements (Repos) Short-term investments:

The Bank sells securities from its portfolio with agreement to repurchase on a specific date for a price based on fixed rate of return - as an option on a Automatic Investment, or a standalone investment, to keep your balances liquid while earning interest. The security “buyer” effectively lends the “seller” money for the agreed period. The securities sold to the investor have a market value equal to the dollar amount invested and are marked-to market daily

Eurodollar Investment (Automated Investment) product:

Requires a $100,000 minimum investable daily balance. If not, the sweep will not occur. Get daily status and a comprehensive monthly statement detailing principal and interest earned on your investments via Webster Web-Link®

*Repurchase Agreements are not deposits of Webster Bank, nor are they eligible for FDIC insurance.

Liquidity: Other Investment Instruments Available*

Eurodollar Time Deposits (Euros): USD deposits issued by our Grand Cayman Island branch. Purchased as standalone investment:

  • Deposits are unconditional obligation of Webster
  • Competitive rates evaluated on money market conditions

Commercial Paper:

  • An unsecured, underinsured promissory note of a credit worthy corporation
  • Issued by companies to finance current operations or fund capital expenditures
  • Maturities range from overnight to 270 days, minimum investment ~ $100,000
  • Can be purchased on either a discount basis or an interest bearing basis, 360 year

U.S. Treasury Bills and Notes (short maturities):

  • Is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government
  • Available original maturities of four weeks, three months, six months and one year
  • Bills sold in the secondary market, maturities as short as one week. Sold on discount basis, return of principal guaranteed if held to maturity
  • Notes have an original maturity of 2 to 10 years, issued with a stated coupon rate at or near face value and redeemed at face value. Interest paid semi-annually

Federal Agencies Notes:

  • Federal Agencies offer short- and medium-term notes with a stated coupon for a fixed period of time. Interest paid semi-annually
  • Yields of agency notes track those Treasury obligations with comparable maturity and generally offer a somewhat higher return

*Do not qualify for FDIC insurance

Webster Web-Link® Client Information Center

Welcome to the Web-Link Client Information Center. Here, you will find Quick Reference Guides and other support materials to help you navigate through the Web-Link platform and its features/functionality.

Helpful links:

Review the eLearning modules in the Training & Demo Center.

Review the Deposit Account Disclosures for Business Accounts.

Please note: materials contained in this Client Information Center will be updated as needed.

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Customized financing to keep your business growing.

Since 1996, we’ve been helping Environmental Services companies secure the financing they need to keep up with the growing demand for their unique expertise and services. We understand your industry’s dynamics, as well as the local demands you face every day. So you can depend on us to structure the right financing solution for you and your company, including:

  • Solid waste collection & disposal
  • Recycling Centers/Material Recovery Facilities/Single Stream Systems
  • Hazardous waste companies
  • Transportation (truck & rail)
  • Portable facilities
  • Transfer stations/Landfills
  • Metal shredding
  • Demolition

Find solutions to meet your goals

  • Acquisition & growth   
  • Equipment financing
  • Revolving lines of credit
  • Term loans  
  • Letters of Credit

Other business services we provide include cash management, treasury and risk management products, mortgages and private banking.

Learn how we can help your business grow. Contact Steve Corcoran, Senior Vice President at 860-692-1612,

All credit products are subject to the normal credit approval process.

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This page contains the latest Terms of Service (TOS) from Treasury & Payment Solutions (TPS) specific to Recourse Commercial Credit Card Accounts. This TOS is an addendum to the TPS Cash Management Master Service Agreement (MSA) in addition to  the specific TOS for other products you may have. The documents can be accessed at any time by clicking on the links below and entering the password(s) provided to you.

To view the document you will need software capable of opening a Portable Document Format (PDF) like Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have the software, you can download it from the following link:
Get Adobe Reader

View the Webster Recourse Commercial Credit Card Accounts Terms of Service agreement.
View the Webster Master Service Agreement for Cash Management Services and Terms of Service agreement(s).


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