Financial care for the cost of cancer

“You really want to find a trusted partner that will listen to your goals and also have your back when you are in growth mode. If you’re starting a non-profit, you’re going to provide social impact that will better the future.”
– Jen Andruzzi, The Joe Andruzzi Foundation

Joe Andruzzi Foundation

Client background

After meeting a young boy with brain cancer, Joe and Jan Andruzzi were moved to help families dealing with overwhelming medical costs. Not long after this meeting, the former New England Patriot and three-time Super Bowl winner would find himself fighting the same disease. Joe and Jan realized the foundation they wanted to build was more urgent than ever.

The Moment

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“Some of these families live paycheck to paycheck. All of a sudden, this big health scare comes at them and these families are two times more likely to file for bankruptcy,” says Joe. “At the time, there was nothing out there to help them with meeting their bills and handle the upheavals to their lives, so that’s where we started.” The Joe Andruzzi Foundation, based out of North Attleboro, MA helps families affected by cancer get financial aid.


Our response

Webster Bank was inspired by the vital support that the Joe Andruzzi Foundation provides to patients and families affected by cancer, and their philanthropic contributions to the greater community. When they needed a more efficient cash management system to ensure vital payments were getting to those who needed them most, we supported their mission by providing financial solutions to meet their business needs.

The Webster team:

  • Conducted a holistic analysis to identify opportunities for business efficiencies.
  • Crafted unique cash management solutions to streamline secure payments and receivables.
  • Created customized financial plans to support the goals and long-term vision of the Foundation.

The results

The Foundation streamlined their financial operations with the Bank’s support. They implemented services to help them manage ACH transactions and recurring donations, providing overall peace of mind and improving cash management. Today, the Foundation continues to grow its dedicated pursuit across New England and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of their journey.