Collections via ACH origination

Using Automated Clearing House (ACH) gives your organization the capability to offer recipients fast, electronic secure payments and ultimately, elevate your working capital management.

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ACH transactions are efficient, secure and eliminate check float. You immediately save valuable staffing hours and optimize your receivables process, making it easier to do business. ACH is accessed through Webster Web-Link® and direct file transmission.

Features and benefits

  • Collect payments from businesses or consumers while controlling the timing of payment receipt
  • Elevate the speed of your transactions with the flexibility of same-day ACH 
  • Ability to process a large number of transactions via templates, file import and processing to multiple recipients through a single batch
  • Reduces processing fees
  • Eliminates lost or stolen checks as well as time spent reconciling manual checks
  • Can be set up on a recurring schedule to automatically process transactions
  • Ability to approve transactions via mobile device
  • Detail and summary reports available
  • Access up to 18 months of payment history
  • Template and recipient information can be saved for future use

FEDI reporting

Financial Electronic Data Interchange (FEDI) reporting gives you remittance information for each ACH transaction. Available through Web-Link and secure email, your FEDI reports are detailed, easy-to-read, and can be seamlessly imported into your accounting system.


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