Asset Based Lending

Webster Business Credit: The One Source for Meeting Your Business Financing Needs — Transform Your Assets into Working Capital

Webster Business Credit is a leader in asset-based lending to middle market companies based in the United States.

We’re a one-stop provider of asset-based financing to meet all of your liquidity needs. To achieve that objective, we focus on creating innovative, customized asset-based commercial loans that access the liquidity embedded in your assets.

Asset-Based Loans Customized to Meet Your Objectives

Led by a team of experienced and dedicated asset-based lending professionals, Webster Business Credit provides asset-based loans to meet a full range of business financing needs – working capital, CapEx, term loans, refinancing, growth, Debtor-in-Possession (DIP), ESOPs, recapitalizations, turnarounds, emergence financing, import/export letters of credit and M&A.

Covering A Wide Range of Asset Types

We’ll enable you to access the liquidity and capital from your receivables, inventory, machinery & equipment, and real estate. Plus, we can provide a cash-flow component based on historical and projected financial performance.

Customized Advance Rates

Our customized approach to structuring asset-based loans enables us to offer a high degree of flexibility in our advance rates, depending on the particular assets. Here’s our flexible range of rates:

Accounts Receivable - Up to 85%
Inventory - Up to 65%
Machinery & Equipment - Up to 80%
Real Estate (Fair Market Value) - Up to 80%
Qualified Replacement Property (QRPs) - 80% to 100%
Cash-Flow Component - Based on historical and Projected financial performance

Flexible Loan-Repayment Terms

Webster offers flexibility in loan-repayment terms depending on the specific assets involved. Here’s our typical repayment schedule:

Machinery & Equipment - 5 to 7 years
Capital Expenditures - 5 to 7 years
Real Estate - 5 to 20 years
Cash-flow Component - 3 years

Why Choose Webster Business Credit?

At Webster Business Credit, we deal with customized solutions. Our senior asset-based lending team is highly experienced. We will collaborate with you to provide flexible structured asset-based loans that match your financing needs.

Experienced, Responsive, Solutions-Oriented. We’re experienced, responsive, and solutions-oriented. Our longstanding tradition of providing innovative asset-based financing solutions means that you can count on us to help you access all the liquidity locked up in your assets.

Financing Against Non-Traditional Assets. In addition to the traditional assets associated with asset based lending, Webster’s creative professionals can tailor financing based on less traditional assets such as brand names, trade names and other less tangible assets.

Direct Access to Senior Decision-Makers. At Webster, you have direct access to senior asset-based financing experts and decision-makers who will help you achieve the best solution for your financing requirements.  You’ll get a quick response to your needs – at competitive rates.

Quick and Efficient Loan Approval and Documentation. We’re organized for a smooth, rapid transition from initial approval and documentation right through to final transaction closing.

Structures Tailored to Customers’ Needs. Our experience in asset-based lending works to your advantage by enabling us to customize your loan to your precise needs and purpose. We’ll collaborate with you to create an asset-based loan with a loan term and advance rate that matches your business’s requirements.

Superior Customer Service. You can count on us for immediate follow-up and response in real time to any new issues or needs that develop.

Long-Term Financial Relationships. At Webster Business Credit, we work with clients for the long term. Not only do we make working capital and other asset-based loans, but we provide ongoing advice and guidance on how best to access your balance sheet items to provide for long-term asset-based financing.

The End Result. The end result is an optimum asset-based lending solution to your financing needs.

The Power of a Strong Financial Institution

Access to Cash Management and Other Banking Services. As a client of Webster Business Credit, you’ll also have full access to the myriad of additional financial products and services available through our parent company, Webster Bank, N.A., including cash management, treasury services, HSAs, swaps and private banking.

All credit products are subject to the normal credit approval process.

Webster Business Credit Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Webster Bank, N.A. Member FDIC. The Webster Symbol is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Webster Bank is a subsidiary of Webster Financial Corp., a New York Stock Exchange listed financial institution (NYSE: WBS) with over $23 billion in assets. Webster Bank has an 80-year tradition of delivering financial services to individuals and middle market businesses in the United States. Its 3,000 plus bankers are guided by our core values, namely, to take personal responsibility for meeting our customers’ needs; to respect the dignity of every individual; to earn trust through ethical behavior; to give of ourselves to our communities; and to work together to achieve outstanding results.