Commercial Fraud Services

Protect the integrity of both your checking accounts and your business with Webster’s comprehensive Positive Pay fraud prevention services.

Fast Facts

  • Prevent unauthorized debits
  • Restrict account access
  • Avoid account closure

Positive Pay, Webster’s highly effective fraud control system, prevents fraud before it happens by letting you view potentially fraudulent activity on your account via Webster Web-Link®

So you can rest assured that your commercial checking accounts are protected, and save your business the inconvenience and costs of fraud.

Webster’s Fraud Services Offer You

Check Positive Pay

Your file of issued checks is sent to Webster and compared—by serial number and amount—against checks presented for payment against your account through the standard clearing process and at Webster’s teller line.

You’ll then have the opportunity to view potentially fraudulent items being presented against your checking account immediately via Webster Web-Link®

Need help to create your Check Positive Pay issue file in the required format? Through a special arrangement with Treasury Software, Webster customers can take advantage of discounted pricing on time saving software. Learn More

Payee Name Positive Pay

The payee name on in-clearing checks is compared against those on your file of issued checks, and any discrepancies will be reported to you—with images—online via Webster Web-Link®

Teller Positive Pay

This service offers an additional layer of fraud protection at all points of check presentment including checks presented at Webster branches.

ACH Positive Pay and Debit Block

These services protect your account from unauthorized or potentially fraudulent ACH debit entries, and are used in conjunction with Check Positive Pay. With ACH Positive Pay, you can restrict access to your commercial accounts.

Web-Link Dual Control

Web-Link’s security features include Dual Control administrative authority that allows your business to designate roles and responsibilities that can crosscheck activity and help you meet the requirements for SOX compliance.

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