Commercial Lockbox Processing

At Webster, we understand that the faster your customers’ payments are processed, the faster your organization gets paid.

Fast Facts

  • Reduces clerical accounting work
  • Offers same-day processing
  • Provides custom reporting

Collecting and processing payments doesn’t have to be a time-consuming clerical burden. With Webster’s Wholesale and Retail Lockbox processing, we do the bookkeeping work for you, and handle the payments processing on the same day they’re received.

A Wholesale lockbox is generally used for high dollar / low volume payments.

A Retail lockbox is generally used for high volume / low dollar payments.

How Lockbox Processing Works

  1. Direct your receivable payments to a designated PO Box
  2. Mail is retrieved frequently from the post office and delivered to Webster’s processing center
  3. Webster collects, processes and deposits the payments into your account with high speed extraction and advanced imaging technology
  4. Lockbox expedites cash flow. Receivables are processed the same day Webster receives payments


  • The convenience of automatic deposits
  • Custom analytics for more effective accounting
  • Timely reporting, for automatic receivables updating
  • Easy access to deposit documents for fast accounting research

To learn more about Lockbox Processing or our other Cash Management services, please email us at call us at 1-888-932-2256.

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