Commercial Pre-Export Working Capital

Webster helps secure the credit you need to succeed and thrive in the global marketplace.

Fast Facts

  • Offers short-term line of credit
  • Provides advantageous rates
  • Helps finance export sales

As your global sales expand and grow overseas, so, naturally will your company costs. To make sure you have the financial support to reach your international potential, Webster offers a short-term line of credit, guaranteed by the U.S. Export-Import Bank.

Pre-Export Working Capital Allows Your Company to

  • Finance export sales and acquire inventory
  • Cover costs related to the manufacture or purchase of exported goods
  • Access financing with advantageous rates against foreign accounts receivable and export-related inventory

And as a Delegated Authority Lender, Webster can approve facilities quickly and commit the U.S. Export-Import Banks guarantee without having to first submit an application for approval.

Keep in Mind

Pre-export working capital is available to eligible U.S. clients.

For more information on Pre-Export Working Capital, please call us at 1-877-864-2037.


All credit facilities are subject to the normal credit approval process.