Liquidity Products: Automatic Investments (Sweeps)*

Make the most of excess cash by investing it automatically. Services include:

  • A Treasury Sales Officer to help determine a target balance
  • Automatic transfer of cash over target balance into investment instrument at the end of each business day

Repurchase Agreements (Repos) Short-term investments:

The Bank sells securities from its portfolio with agreement to repurchase on a specific date for a price based on fixed rate of return - as an option on a Automatic Investment, or a standalone investment, to keep your balances liquid while earning interest. The security “buyer” effectively lends the “seller” money for the agreed period. The securities sold to the investor have a market value equal to the dollar amount invested and are marked-to market daily

Eurodollar Investment (Automated Investment) product:

Requires a $100,000 minimum investable daily balance. If not, the sweep will not occur. Get daily status and a comprehensive monthly statement detailing principal and interest earned on your investments via Webster Web-Link®

*Repurchase Agreements are not deposits of Webster Bank, nor are they eligible for FDIC insurance.

Liquidity: Other Investment Instruments Available*

Eurodollar Time Deposits (Euros): USD deposits issued by our Grand Cayman Island branch. Purchased as standalone investment:

  • Deposits are unconditional obligation of Webster
  • Competitive rates evaluated on money market conditions

Commercial Paper:

  • An unsecured, underinsured promissory note of a credit worthy corporation
  • Issued by companies to finance current operations or fund capital expenditures
  • Maturities range from overnight to 270 days, minimum investment ~ $100,000
  • Can be purchased on either a discount basis or an interest bearing basis, 360 year

U.S. Treasury Bills and Notes (short maturities):

  • Is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government
  • Available original maturities of four weeks, three months, six months and one year
  • Bills sold in the secondary market, maturities as short as one week. Sold on discount basis, return of principal guaranteed if held to maturity
  • Notes have an original maturity of 2 to 10 years, issued with a stated coupon rate at or near face value and redeemed at face value. Interest paid semi-annually

Federal Agencies Notes:

  • Federal Agencies offer short- and medium-term notes with a stated coupon for a fixed period of time. Interest paid semi-annually
  • Yields of agency notes track those Treasury obligations with comparable maturity and generally offer a somewhat higher return

*Do not qualify for FDIC insurance