Managing Cash Effectively for Commercial Businesses

Good cash management is the key to a successful business. Let Webster provide the resources to help your organization thrive.

Profits are important but good cash management is essential to a organization's success—and survival. That's why at Webster, we want to help ensure you have the right tools that enable you to understand, effectively manage, and maximize your cash flow.

With our cutting-edge Cash Management Services that collect and disburse payments as well as provide transactional details, we help find ways to lower payment costs, remove paper from the process, and automate payments. All of our services center around our secure, online system, Webster Web-Link®, that allows you to review and initiate payment transactions in real time.

Plus, we offer short-term investment products that can maximize your available cash securely, and with little commitment. Count on Webster to provide the resources that help your business achieve short-term stability as well as growth that takes you long into the future.

Webster's Solutions Can Help Your Business

Manage Cash Flow + Boost Efficiency
Accounts and tools to help you gain greater control over your cash

Increase Cash Flow
Boost your liquidity with credit, loans, and short-term investments

Protect Against Fraud
Recognize where fraud can occur and find ways to prevent it