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Savings, Money Market, CDs

At Webster, find convenient, flexible, and easy-to-access accounts for your hard-earned savings.

You work hard to make your business profitable. Now Webster can help put your money to work for you.

Premium Business Money Market Savings

With this account, the more you save, the more you earn. Keep in mind it has limited check writing capabilities, so it’s more ideal for short-term investment needs.

Health Savings Account

HSA Bank® is a division of Webster Bank and a national leader of Health Savings Account (HSA) administration. We offer an innovative HSA solution that works in conjunction with a High-Deductible Health Plan.

Business CDs

Webster’s CDs allow you to enjoy the financial security of a higher fixed rate on your savings for the fixed term of your choice. Not to mention, FDIC insurance gives you added peace of mind.

Secure Municipal Account

Our fully collateralized money market accounts offer municipalities a higher interest rates, allowing you to maximize earnings on excess funds. Since 100% of your account is collateral on a weekly basis, it’s a great choice for short-term investments.

For more details on our Commercial Savings accounts, please call us at 877-864-2037.