Managing cash effectively

We provide the products and services to help you manage your cash effectively and efficiently.

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Optimize your treasury management approach. We want you to have the right tools to understand, effectively manage, and maximize your cash flow.

Convenient control over cash flow

Our Treasury & Payment Solutions collect and disburse payments. We help find ways to lower payment costs, like improving the time to collect payments and automating all payments - via our commercial online banking system.

Bank accounts to facilitate cash flow

Accounts for industries

We have a number of specialty checking accounts specifically for different industries and agencies. For law firms, we offer IOLTA (some states it’s an IOLA) Checking and Escrow Sub-Accounting. For realtors, we have IOREBTA Checking, as well as Municipal Checking and Checking with Interest for Non-Profits.

Premium Business Money Market Savings

Consider linking Premier Business Money Market Savings to your checking account. Not only will you earn a competitive rate, your rate will grow as your balance does. For municipalities, Webster also offers the Secure Municipal Account, a fully collateralized money-market account.

Automatic Investment account

You can choose Webster’s Automatic Investment Account that provides an automatic transfer of all cash over your target balance into an investment instrument at the end of each business day.

Cutting costs "automatically"

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Reducing costs can actually mean less work for your organization.

Webster’s AutoBorrow automatically* draws funds when you need them, and in turn, pays down your balance when funds are available. So not only will you keep your interest expenses at a minimum, you’ll also eliminate manual tracking and transfers.

Webster’s Zero Balance Account - transfers your funds for you, keeps your sub-accounts at zero, and maximizes your cash.

Wholesale and Retail Lockbox Processing – your customers remit payment to you through a regional post office box, and Webster picks them up to copy, endorse, and deposit the items the very same day

Protect against fraud

Check Positive Pay - your list of issued checks is sent to Webster and compared—by serial number, amount, and (optionally) payee name—against checks presented for payment against your account through the standard clearing process and at Webster’s teller line. Anything potentially fraudulent is posted immediately via Webster Web-Link®.

ACH Positive Pay and Debit Block services - protect your account electronically from unauthorized or potentially fraudulent ACH debits. These services are also used in conjunction with Check Positive Pay, and you can restrict access to your commercial accounts

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* not all loans are eligible