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Cyber crime comes from all over the world every day and night, attacking companies of all sizes. Your first step in protecting yourself is understanding the risks you face.

When good enough is not enough

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You know better than anyone the threats you face. You only have to look at the logs every morning to see the intrusion attempts. From all over the world, bots are pinging your ports, looking for an opening. There's malware, phishing, identity theft, brute force attempts – and the dark web, where huge files of user names and passwords are openly for sale. The list goes on.

Webster has assembled these resources to raise awareness and provide guidance. As part of our client partnerships, we collaborate to help them maintain a secure environment.

Resources and articles

Defend cyber attacks

Defend your company against cyberattacks with these seven security-savvy strategies. Find out what you can do to protect your data, intellectual property and reputation. 

Ransomware attacks

Is your company protected against ransomware attacks? Use our multipoint checklist to help mount a multi-layered defense strategy.

Malware and phishing

Learn about the basic types of malware and how you can best avoid them. These include common phishing attempts, which are messages or links that look okay, but are actually malicious.

Fraud checklist

Put the fraud controls in place now to manage risk and guard against identity theft, embezzlement and other financial crimes. You must diligently guard your systems, staff and transactions. 

Cybersecurity during Covid-19: Part 1

Cyber criminals are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to unleash new attacks. Get important tips from Part I of our Insights guide to spot suspicious activity and protect yourself. 

Cybersecurity during Covid-19: Part 2

Part II of our resource guide shows you how to limit your losses and recover from a cyber attack. These include step-by-step procedures and low-cost, low-tech solutions. 

Questions? Talk to us about our solutions to prevent cybercrime and fraud.

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Forward the email to Or, call Webster Bank’s Security Hotline at 800-966-0256.