You can’t eliminate risk. But you can manage it.

Plan and prepare ahead of time to mitigate the impact of fraud, as well as interest rate and currency fluctuations, in domestic and foreign markets.

Commercial risk management
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Try as you may, external forces can impact your organization's operations — and profitability. A major culprit is fraud. Hacking, unauthorized transactions and business email comprise are real and constant threats. Other dynamics that can increase uncertainty are interest rate and currency fluctuations.

You are not without options. Utilize our fraud tools to spot and deny unauthorized transactions. Plus, our foreign exchange and interest rate products give you powerful options to manage currency and interest rate volatility.

Take measures for security and ease of mind

Fraud services

Help detect fraudulent payments with Positive Pay. Through Webster Web-Link®, you can restrict account access and identify potentially questionable activity immediately, including incoming check and ACH payments on your account(s).

Foreign exchange

Hedge your risk through forward foreign exchange contracts. You have several options depending on your business scenario, including: currency exchange, locked-in exchange rate, fixed value and window contracts.

Interest rate management

If you are holding a floating rate loan, Webster offers several ways to protect yourself against rate increases: Interest Rate Swaps, Interest Rate Caps and the Interest Rate Collar. These instruments can reduce your vulnerability from the risks of floating-risk debt.

Control your finances online

Manage your cash flow with Webster Web-Link

You can complete many financial tasks online and with the highly rated Webster mobile app. Plus, with 75+ business-only functions, Webster Web-Link® is your platform to control your finances. It has in-depth reporting and information functionality, advanced receivable and payable solutions, fraud services to safeguard against illicit activity and more. Best of all, Web-Link is always on and ready to help.

From financing to a multifaceted relationship

Our core strength is financing solutions. However, customers also turn to us for employer services and cash flow management.

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Exchange rates are determined by supply and demand for the applicable currencies, and reflect interest rate differentials, underlying political considerations, and economic fundamentals.

A line of credit with Webster’s International Department must cover all expected USD exchanges.

Foreign Exchange Contracts must link to a Webster Deposit.