Positive Pay

Prevent fraud before it happens. View potentially fraudulent activity on your account via Webster Web-Link® consolidated Fraud Control Center for Positive Pay.

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Positive Pay is our highly effective fraud control system; protecting your commercial checking accounts and saving your organization the substantial costs and security breaches of potential check and ACH fraud.

Positive Pay coverage

Check Positive Pay

  • A fraud control system that helps you protect yourself against check fraud
  • Files or manual issues are compared against checks presented for payment on your account through the standard check clearing process and teller lines. This is done by reconciling the account number, dollar amount and serial number
  • View and decision potentially fraudulent items on Web-Link
  • Optional software can be purchased to ease file creation process

Payee name Positive Pay

An optional feature that if selected, requires you provide the payee name on the check in your check issue file. Your checks are verified against the payee name and address on your file in addition to the standard Positive Pay verification elements:
• Account Number
• Dollar Amount
• Serial/Check Number

Teller, Reverse, & ACH Positive Pay

Teller offers an additional level of protection for checks presented at a Webster branch.

Reverse lets you review and decision all paid checks and/or set a threshold to limit the items to be reviewed. Items can be returned through Web-Link unless cashed at a Webster branch.

ACH debit blocks and filters to help protect your account from unauthorized and potentially fraudulent ACH debit entries and allow you to restrict access to the funds in your account. Used in conjunction with Check Positive Pay. 




You have your choice of partial, full and extended full reconciliations.

Partial offers a complete list of monthly paid checks in numerical order.

Full allows for check issuance file transmission each time a check is issued with a monthly account reconciliation including outstanding checks.

Extended full lets checks paid and all debit and credit card activity on the account to be sent electronically.

Webster Web-Link® dual control

This value-added feature allows your organization to assign roles and responsibilities to increase security through crosschecking and ultimately, simplify the SOX compliance requirements. Dual control also includes security software for all Web-Link devices including mobile and works in conjuction with most antivirus software.

IBM Security Trusteer Rapport

Protect your organization from malware and fraudulent websites attempting to steal sensitive information and tampering with your transactions. This IBM feature works in conjunction with your current antivirus software and warns you if you accidentally engage with sites posing as Webster Bank.

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