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Elevate your organization's online and mobile capabilities; gain more control over your finances; and safeguard your assets from fraud with Webster Web-Link®, our robust banking and cash management platform.

Online Banking for Commercial Businesses - from Webster Bank

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With Webster Web-Link, you benefit from 75+ robust functions that support your payment and receivables solutions and liquidity management operations for domestic and international clients. This comprehensive tool gives you daily line-of -sight functionality for all financial activity; whenever you need access and protected by our advanced security technology.

Features and benefits

Enhanced security

  • Three-point sign-in user login authentication
  • Customizable entry and approval options, such as dual control
  • Required software for Web-Link activated devices, including mobile, that compliments most antivirus solutions
  • Security alerts for numerous situations like password resent, updated contact information and user has been unlocked
  • Variety of optional alerts including Positive Pay ACH exception item, ACH approved, outgoing wire confirmation

Accounts payables

  • Domestic and international wire transfers in USD and foreign currency through online entry or imported file
  • Same-day monitoring of checks posted against account (controlled disbursement reporting)
  • ACH origination via online entry or imported file
  • Initiate transfers between your Webster accounts
  • Make loan payments and advance via online entry or imported file
  • Manage stop payments

Accounts receivables

  • Enables customers to send payments to one or more post office boxes. Our operations teams will collect and deposit the payments into your company’s account. Then, we’ll send reporting to you to update your accounts receivable records
  • Webster Deposit-Link® provides the convenience of depositing checks directly from your desktop or mobile device
  • FEDI reporting on incoming ACH payments

Liquidity management

  • Collected funds in excess of a pre-determined target balance are automatically swept out of any checking account and are used to offset an outstanding loan
  • Maximizes earnings on excess balances by automatically sweeping those balances into a short-term, interest-earning, investment vehicle
  • Automatically consolidate deposits made from any Webster Bank location into a single concentration account.
  • ZBAs enable you to effectively manage your daily cash position by reducing excess balances while retaining distinct information and audit trails on transaction activity


  • Real-time access to balances and daily activity( including escrow sub-accounts)
  • Customizable standard reports that can be saved for ongoing use
  • Report and file delivery features has account information delivered directly to your email, without the need for logging in
  • Download QuickBooks Online and desktop files for easy integration
  • Online access to your account, account analysis or auto-investment statementa

Self-service administration

  • Control who logs in, what they see and what they can do, including use of a mobile device by establishing administration
  • Customizable dashboard
  •  Ability to reset and change forgotten passwords
  • Nickname your enrolled accounts to make them easily recognizable
  • Customize your alerts including: template change, check and ACH Positive Pay exceptions, ACH authorization rule status and account balance over or under

Positive Pay

Prevent fraud before it happens. Through Webster Web-Link® consolidated Fraud Control Center for Positive Pay, you can save your organization the substantial costs and security breaches of potential ACH and check fraud.

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