Do more than manage your cash flow; optimize it

Implement the treasury solutions and processes to enhance your liquidity, improve operations and reduce risk.

Do more than manage your cash flow; optimize it
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It can take significant resources to manage your liquidity, especially payments and receivables functions. By implementing best-in-class digital solutions and taking advantage of treasury investments to invest cash on hand, you can implement solutions that not only streamline operations but help you get results.

Cash management capabilities

Payment solutions

Wires, Automatic Clearing House (ACH) integration, Online bill pay and other solutions to meet your obligations — on your terms, to your advantage.

Receivables solutions

Lockbox, merchant services and products like Payment-Link® help your organization process incoming payments quickly and accurately. 

Liquidity management

Specific deposit capabilities built for entities like yours, plus treasury investments to maximize excess cash.

Control your finances online

Manage your cash flow with Webster Web-Link

You can complete many financial tasks online and with our highly-rated Webster mobile app. Plus, with 75+ business-only functions, Webster Web-Link® is your platform to control your finances. It has in-depth reporting and information functionality; advanced receivables and payables solutions; fraud services to safeguard against illicit activity and more. Best of all, Web-Link is always on and ready to help, no matter where you are.

International services

If you have overseas business, our international services can reduce risks and facilitate transactions for you and your customers. Avail yourself of letters of credit, documentary collections and working capital. In addition, we have many international payments and reporting tools, including robust cash management solutions if you have business in Canada.

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All credit facilities are subject to the normal credit approval process.